10 Best Free Music Apps on Android & iOS

Rapid changes in technology in the last decade have seen consumers switch from CDs to downloading music to live streaming on computers and finally on smartphones.


There are quite a few live streaming services and competition between these channels are extremely fierce.


Of the available services, the 4 major ones are Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.


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Though the four free music apps have many users on android in UK and offer access to extensive music catalogs, each one has its uniqueness.



This can make it hard to decide which audio app to choose. In addition, there are several other equally good music apps to choose from.


Thanks to intense competition in the mobile app development arena, streaming music and live video has become so much easier.


With an array of free music apps available for download, listeners have unimaginable access to all kinds of music – whether it is internet radio, portable DJ stations and even streaming apps (android & ios).


Even if a listener wanted to download, it would take a lot of time and phone memory to -accommodate every single app.


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Since it is not possible to have all these, here is list of the 10 Best Free Music Apps on Android & iOS in the UK.


Spotify Shazam
Google Play Music Apple Music
Amazon Music iHear Radio
YouTube Music SoundCloud
Tune In Slacker Radio


1. Spotify (Android, iOS: Free)


This extensive music streaming service with 30 million tracks has over 80 million subscribers around the globe. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in the Play Store, this can be downloaded for use on the phone and even on a tablet.


Listen to Spotify’s list of musicians or make your own playlist. This is one of the free music apps also offers access to many original podcasts, not found anywhere else.


spotify -free music apps


  • Listen for free on your phone or tablet
  • Download for offline listening
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Subscribers can listen to ad-free music on Spotify premium
  • Cancel subscription anytime


Spotify also uses Nielsen software which allows market research on popular listener choices. The easiest and quickest way to find and enjoy new music.


Download : Android, iOS


2. Shazam (Android, iOS: Free)


As one of the top music apps in UK, Shazam is a great resource when you are trying to find a particular song. Shazam recognizes music clips and returns with information in seconds.


With millions of new users signing up every month, users can listen to their favorite artists 24/7.


With a 4.4 out of -5 rating in the Google Play store, some features that users can look forward to are:


shazham -free music apps


  • Identify any music clip in seconds
  • Watch videos
  • Preview songs and add them to lists
  • Listen to music offline
  • Check out recommendations
  • Check out and share


It is one of the great free music apps and offers information about an artist, including biographies and song lyrics.


Download : Android, iOS


3. Google Play Music(Android, iOS: Free)


The Google Play Music app offers free and ad supported music anywhere, anytime based on your mood.


Subscribers have access to on demand music and can download what they want for offline listening.


With a 3.9 out of 5 rating and YouTube access and subscriptions, users can check out the following features:

google play -free music apps

  • Music curated by experts
  • Ability to store up to 50,000 songs from personal collections
  • Discovering new podcasts
  • Smart recommendations based on user’s listening patterns and tastes


For those interested in a subscription, the family plan lets 6 family members listen to music for a low price. Users get access to over 35 million songs.


With YouTube Music set to take over, let’s see what new stuff we can look forward to.


Download : Android, iOS


4. Apple Music (iOS only)


Similar to Spotify, users can create playlists or access Apple’s vast music collection. Integration with Siri, the smart assistant, controlling features is now easier with voice commands.


Users can also add their own music to the Library from their CD collection. With a rating of 3.5 out of 5, Apple music’s key features are:


apple-music -free music apps


  • Streaming 50 million+ songs from their catalog
  • Download and listen to music anywhere, anytime
  • Create profile and follow friend’s music lists
  • Personalized recommendations based on listening patterns
  • Exclusive videos and films


Subscriptions are also available too. Unfortunately, Android phone users seem to have issues with using this app to listen to music, even though app installation is possible.


Download : iOS


5. Amazon Music Unlimited (Android, iOS: Free)


Amazon ventured into the music arena with its app not too long ago with an Unlimited version. Users can look forward to multiple genres of music and 40 million songs with new releases and classics.


Like Spotify, this is easy to use with multiple devices. With a 4.3 out of 5 rating, users can access these standout features:


amazon music -free music apps


  • Adfree listening
  • Listening offline
  • Unlimited access to millions of songs
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Easy to use


Currently Amazon Music is a free music app for prime members. Membership is open to those who are not Prime members with the same kind of access to exclusive music.


Download : Android, iOS


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6. iHeart Radio(Android, iOS: Free)


This is one of the best free websites for listening to streamed music. With a 4 out of 5 rating in the Play Store, the app which is powered by Global Player.Users can have fun listening to free music to their heart’s content.


  • High quality music live
  • Download and listen to music whenever, wherever
  • Take control and skip songs even on live radio
  • Subscribe to favorite shows with automatic downloading


Latest news, features and even HeartTV


Only available to UK users, iHeart Radio can be accessed not just on Android and iOS but many other devices too.


Download : Android, iOS


7. YouTube Music(Android, iOS: Free)


Google has instituted a lot of changes in the last year with regards to this channel. As the official channel for Android based tablets and phones, each user can watch the latest music videos, movies and even news.


With a 4.4 rating out of 5 and a new design, explore the app to your heart’s content. Users find these features fascinating:


youtube music


  • Personal recommendations based on previous views
  • Latest on subscription channels
  • Share music etc. and comment on favorites
  • Upload and edit one’s own videos with music and effects, directly from the app


Users can also pay to watch movies. One of the main issues for free users is the presence of ads.


Download : Android, iOS


8. SoundCloud(Android, iOS: Free)


This app offers users a channel to enjoy new music and discover new artists. Many artists and talk show hosts use this platform to bring programs to their listeners.


As the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform and a choice of 150 million tracks, SoundCloud is an app that is gaining users quickly. With a 4.5 out of 5 rating, some of the key features are:


sound cloud


  • Discover new music, stream and share all kinds of music wherever, whenever
  • Over 120 million tracks and counting, finding new artists is much easier
  • No ads
  • Download and listen to collection offline
  • Subscription model also available


Whether you are Go+ subscriber or want to use Pulse as a creator of content, SoundCloud is the way to go.


Download : Android, iOS


9. Tune In(Android, iOS: Free)


If you like listening to the radio on your phone on the go, then the TuneIn mobile app is the perfect choice. Sports updates, news, music and podcasts are all there for your listening pleasure.


With a rating of 4.4 out of 5, it is gaining in popularity with users as they discover that they can tune-in to any radio station. Other features to look forward to are:


tune in


  • Live Play by Play of multiple sports
  • Commercial free music curated by well-known DJs and special guests
  • Talk radio
  • Ability to stream over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations from around the world


Users can also subscribe to the premium channel to enjoy their favourite programs. It can also be played via Alexa.


Download : Android, iOS


10. Slacker Radio


This internet radio service app lets users listen to online radio easily. If you want music, then Slacker Radio can help in this matter. The free version is ad supported and the number of skips is limited.


With little information available on ratings, users can still look forward to their favorite programs with facilities like:


slacker radio -free music apps


  • Streaming and listening to multiple radio stations
  • Downloading music for offline listening
  • Multiple genres to choose from, anywhere, anytime


Download : Android, iOS


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Whether you have a brand-new device or not, having access to a list of free music apps in UK will make it easier to figure out which one you like best to download and create new playlists.


There are many free music apps in UK to choose from and this list should be able to help.


mobile app development


App development is making it easier for customers to use their phones to do all kinds of fun stuff and also work simultaneously.


With the development and availability of new free music apps in UK, it has become very easy to get hooked on to entertainment on the go.