Home Design App: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have a huge interior design project coming up soon? In most instances, it is not an easy task to accomplish. Be it renovating a room, office or anything else, home designing means doing a million things.


Starting from choosing the right artwork for the walls or deciding on the level of room lighting, playing around with the furniture arrangement, looking through color palettes are just some of the jobs that need to be done. And trying to stay on top of it all can make your head spin.


The long line of tasks that needs to get done during such an intensive home design project can be quite overwhelming. It may seem endless. However, at the end of the day, it must take into account the ongoing trends, draw inspiration from the aesthetics and your unique sensibilities to get your design fundamentals right.


With only your imagination to rely on, there are high probabilities of an aspect of your renovation project going haywire in a lot of critical junctures. What you are constantly hoping for is all elements to fall into place, exactly the way you envisioned it.


So, maybe a technological intervention is something that can help to get things on a fast track.


And that’s where a home design app is of tremendous help. Because you can look at the result before you begin with your execution. The introduction of this application has made the job of the home design that much easier.


What is Home Design App?


home design app


With more and more home design apps entering the market, there is no need for additional investments on  books, tutorials or computer programs at all. The greatest benefit of having one or more of these apps on your smartphone is that you take the guesswork home design out of the equation. This makes your vision come alive in more ways than you ever imagined.


While many may still be in the hammer and nail mode for their design and home improvement projects, the time to transition to these simpler home design apps is to way the get the job done in 2020.



Regardless of the enormity of your design project, the applications help you remain organized and inspired. Using these apps can also end up saving on your renovation expenses too.


The objective of using these apps is to simplify the process of space design. Plus, you are no longer dependent on an interior designer to carry out your improvement plans.


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Importance of Home Design App


importance of home design app


With the shift in lifestyles, the interior design segment is constantly evolving. More and more people are turning to professional home designs more than ever before. But with the advent of home design apps, space improvement is now accessible for everyone.


With the demands of the modern, contemporary lifestyle, home design is more like a necessity rather than a luxury. Having said that, customers may harp on the following key issues:

  • Client look for price ranged based deliveries
  • Customers will keep comparing prices
  • There may be changes in the blueprints from the client end
  • There may be a mismatch in perspectives and outlooks at the point of delivery
  • You may have to physically be up and about to meet client expectation of good home decor


Developing a customised home design app can present be the appropriate solution for these issues to be resolved. It can handle a range of services including customer demands, blueprint changes, orders, payments and more.


Features in Home Design App


features of home design app


When developing a home design app, you need to reflect on the key features that will essentially make or break your application. Experts recommend inclusion of the following functionalities:


1) Technological Integration That Offers Real-Life Design Experiences


Just like other industries, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have made its presence felt in the home design segment too. Primarily, applications are using these key technologies to enhance user visualization of space improvement through virtual reality.


Essentially, this makes the otherwise, very technical blueprint real and alive as you can view exactly what is going where. Generally, these experiences occur in a 3D environment.  Advanced technologies can even allow users to play out with things like furniture arrangements or take a look at a range of wall colors.


Overall, the experience offered is more interactive and engaging for the end- user that furthers the prospect of objects co-existing through involvement in a single, immersive scene.


Hence, whilst creating a home design app, these key features of AR and AI should ideally build a solid foundation to support subsidiary features thereon.


2) Introduce Online Retail for Home Decor Products


The Business Wire Report states that the global home decor market is estimated to generate revenues in the range of $792.6 billion by 2025. This is based on a yearly acceleration of 4.9% predicted for the period 2019 to 2025.


With the promise of such rapid growth, it makes absolute sense to include an online store for home decor products with the home design application. General  eCommerce features that the app can consist of:

  • Include a technology that allows for visual recognition such as a simulator experience
  • A 3D zoom-in and zoom-out feature that helps the user to view the space utilization and assist in ascertaining room transformation requirements and expectations
  • Reviews and ratings that acts as a model for trust-building among users before buying products from the application


Even though the primary use of the application is home design, the online store is an additional revenue source  that also keeps your existing client based hooked on to it. It also allows you the opportunity to understand customer purchase patterns of home decor products, key trends, behavior, etc.


3) Integrate Social Media


Social media today is a key player for most industries. The interior design sector has not escaped from its influences. More so, because this is an extremely visual segment.


This feature makes a solid case for inclusion since it largely drives direct marketing via users. By enabling users to share their creativity on their private social channels, the home design app is automatically promoted to a prospective user base.


Being able to showcase their design to their family, friends, co-workers in turn also highlights the user skills through the application.


4) Collaborate with Users


The home decor app is an attractive prospect to  several professionals including interior decorators, architects, general contractors, repair professionals, etc. Therefore, building a forum that allows users to collaborate works to everybody’s advantage.


Moreover, you can be in constant touch with a network of professionals who can help in the process of developing your home designs too.



Other Features


Apart from the core functionalities, your home design app can also feature the following:

  • Push notifications, blogs and emailers driving in-app engagement
  • Virtual assistance offering advice using chatbots
  • Integration of a payment gateway
  • Incorporate social sharing on interactive channels like Pinterest


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Benefits of Home Design App


benefits of home design app


The prospect of using a home design app may sound quite complex and daunting for anyone who has not had the experience of it before. However, mastering online interior design makes it a far easier and economical process.


Using a home design app offers benefits galore. Some of the key advantages are:


1) DIY Can Be Expensive


When renovating your home, you may purchase non-returnable, big-ticket items. What may seem attractive in a store environment may not have a similar impact when you bring it home. It can be in terms of the product’s size, scale, color or influence on the room.


This trial and error method of DIY home decor can end up being an expensive expedition. Therefore, a home design app helps you to visualize how the product is going to contribute to the overall room setting before you end up buying it.


2) Save On Interior Designer Fees


While many home decor apps are accessible free of cost, even the premium versions are available at a nominal price in comparison to the fee that you would end up paying an interior designer for their expert advice. Furthermore, these apps also offer services of industry professionals too should the need arise for you to consult one.


3) 24/7 Service


Being dependent on external forces such as a design expert with limited access can result in the interior design process to be an extremely long-drawn process. In some cases, it can span over months. Unquestionably, this aspect of home improvement can act as an irritant for many.


On the other hand, the home design app is a service that is accessible 24/7. Hence, a project that may have potentially taken months can now be completed in a matter of days.


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With so many home design apps, you would want to create an application that is world-class and caters to the needs of a wider audience. The goal is to provide access to design platforms that can help the user create themes through a process of online visualization.



Having  eCommerce in addition to the core deliverable is a bonus. Remember that this is a growing market that is going to offer a lot of potential for revenue generation in the long run.