13 Best Rideshare Apps in the UK

After the success of Taxi booking apps, there is now an untamed, unstoppable rise in popularity of flexible, convenient and options-rich rideshare apps.


From private sedan and SUV to humble taxi and car, on-demand ride-sharing services are all the rage across the globe. However, not all rideshare apps and carpooling apps have similar features and services. Some offer perks in terms of costs, while others are superior in overall satisfaction.


In this blog, we have compiled some of the best rideshare apps from across the globe.


Uber Bolt
Ola Via
Wheely Free Now
Gett BlaBlaCar
Addison Taxiapp UK
Arro Kabbee

1) Uber


Uber is an international star in the world of taxi booking and rideshare apps – there is no denial to that. It is still the most unrivalled in its league since it covers vast number of countries and offers ample transport options across the globe. From Moto Taxi to minivan and carpooling for budget-oriented people, Uber dominates in every option. Uber comes as a best app for short-distance travelling within a city.

Uber App

Uber believes in transparency of rates which are standard and automatically maintained. For people with concerns about its exorbitant rates, it offers a handy ride with great convenience.


Uber app is available for download in Google Play Store & Apps Store

Google PlayApp Store



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2) Bolt


Estonia-based Bolt app has its services across Europe and can be considered one of the biggest competitors of Uber. At present, the app provides its services in over 40 countries and 300 cities.

Bolt Request a Ride App

After facing a shutdown in London in 2017, the business was relaunched in 2019 and has been serving people in the city ever since. Apart from ridesharing, the app also provides food and grocery deliver as well as vehicle rental services.


You can download Bolt app from Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

    App Store


3) Ola


India-based Ola Cabs is another popular taxi hailing app among Londoners. Users can book rides via app and calls. Ola has two basic cab services: Economy and Luxury. You can choose from the different modes of transport for commute in the app. All the payments are done either using inside-the-app Ola money or through cash.

Ola Ride App

At present, Ola operates in over 250 cities across the globe. The best part is they try to run greener businesses by promoting the use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint.

You can download Ola from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

        App Store


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4) Via


New York-based Via app is another rideshare app that operates in the UK. Via believes in transforming public transit from a synchronized system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network. At present, riders from over 20 countries and 400 cities enjoy the services of Via.

Via smarter mobility

Unlike its counterparts that provide personalized rides to customers, Via operates in a slightly different manner. Via collaborates with local transport authorities to improve public and urban transportation systems. Users of the app travelling in the same direction can book a single vehicle for commute. This option is economic as well as environment-friendly.


You can download Via from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



5) Wheely


This London-based app is for everyone who loves fancy rides. The app offers its services only in few cities – London, Paris, and seven cities in Russia. Their aim is to provide luxurious car rides with experienced chauffeurs to their customers.

Wheely App

Wheely also offers business partnership where you can hire a vehicle fleet or book airport transfers for your important guests.


You can download Wheely from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



6) Free Now


A subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz group, Free Now app operates over 100 cities across Europe. The company is a result of merging between “mytaxi” and Hailo – a leading ride-hailing app in the UK. You can either call a black taxi or hire private vehicles using the Free Now app.

FREE NOW (Kapten) App

In the UK, Free Now offers its services across the cities of London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby and Leicester. The company also offers e-scooter share services in many areas of London.


You can download Free Now from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



7) Gett


London-based Gett started off as a Ground Transportation Management services provider for enterprises in 2010. At present, the app provides a variety of riding services that include providing corporate fleet, taxi, and limo as well as ride-hailing – all on one platform.

Gett - The taxi app

Though you cannot book private cars, you can use the app to hire black taxis in London. The company believes in providing environment-friendly services by ensuring that all the UK rides are carbon-neutral.


You can download Gett from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



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8) BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar is the best reliable resources if you are aiming to go on long-distance travel across Europe using solid carpooling solution. Seemingly zany, the car sharing service is basically named after the concept of talking to strangers (BlaBla) and is available in in 22 countries so far.


As you create an account, you need to enter the details about departure point, destination and travel date. You will then see a list of drivers on similar itineraries along with the profiles of both drivers and other passengers.

BlaBlaCar travel by carpool App

You are also kept updated on the exact pickup and drop-off points, vehicle and the journey cost. Your request sent for the carpool is usually approved by the BlaBlacar driver. There are female-oriented services, too, where female drivers can take liberty to allow only female travellers to view their trips or female passengers can search only for female drivers.


You can download BlaBlacar from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



9) Addison


Addison Lee is a veteran in the list. The company, founded in 1975, provides private vehicles for commute. It also provides delivery services to businesses and people. The app provides casual ride, business trip, airport transfer and even exclusive first-class transportation services.

Addison Lee Minicab & Courier App

Addison Lee has also entered into a partnership with black taxi operator ComCab, thus upgrading its status as one of the largest private hire and taxi provides in London.


You can download Addison from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



10) Taxiapp UK


Unlike the corporate rideshare apps, Taxiapp UK is run by cabbies. The purpose of the app is to prevent the black cabs of UK to stay in business.


GPS is helpful, but its accuracy does not compare to the knowledge of the drivers with years of experience in driving through London’s complex road network. And that is what exactly makes Taxiapp UK unique. The drivers must have thorough knowledge of the roads to geet their licenses.

Taxiapp UK Passenger App

Taxiapp works as a non-profit organization that is only funded through membership. There are no extra or hidden charges. And the best part? Taxiapp’s cabs are wheelchair accessible and allow assistance dogs to ride with you. They too are a part of greener businesses in the UK with electric black cabs.


You can download TaxiApp from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



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11) Arro


Arro app simplifies your daily commute with features to book and pay for taxi rides. You can use the app to connect to the nearest available drivers around the


You can download Arro from  Google Play Store & Apps Stores.

Google Play

App Store



12) Kabbee


Kabbee app helps you hail the cheapest cabs in town, which includes that for airport transfers. The app also provides 30 minutes of free waiting time in case of flight delay and more.

Kabbee Corp App

Kabbee feature cabs from over 70 providers and lets users access over 10,000 cabs in London. Quality is one of the values of Kabbee that they ensure b hiring licensed drivers and disconnecting minicab fleets with poor ratings.


You can download Kabbee from  Apps Store.

App Store





XOOOX, pronounces as “zooks” provides you real-time pricing and ETA(s) from different taxi firms. You can find the cab that is within your budget among the list.

XOOOX Rider App

The drivers are in complete control of their businesses under XOOOX. They do not have to pay any commission or face any hassles.


You can download XOOOX from  Google Play Store.

Google Play



Rideshare apps are of great help when you abruptly plan to go somewhere or in case of an emergency. You do not have to wait for a bus or a taxi, not knowing when they might appear. You can just have them installed in your smartphones, sign up and search up for the nearest rides. You can even do the payments through the app and do not have to worry about carrying cash in your hand.


The above-mentioned list has some of the best rideshare apps in the UK. You can definitely expect more of them in the future with more sophisticated features.