13 Best Money Making Apps 2023

With the invention of smart phones, humans started inventing and doing things we thought was impossible otherwise. Who knew a few years back that you could just face time a person sitting miles away from you, or can even text them?


Who knew transferring money could be so easy or that you can click, post and share your life on social media and interact with different people from different societies? It seems smartphones have apps to solve every problem in our lives.


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But what is a greater problem than money? Undoubtedly, that is something that all of us require. Very few of us are aware that there are apps that provide money in return of performing simple tasks that. These are referred to as the Money Making Apps.


First, let us paint a clearer picture of what a Money Making App means. Money Making Apps are research applications that help one to earn rewards or points. These apps ask the users to do simple tasks, which when completed, the user gets these rewards.


The tasks are simple and could range from taking surveys, giving opinions, watching videos, downloading another app, playing games and many such things.


Once done, the user can redeem these rewards for cash and transfer it to their account. Although these money making apps don’t promise to make anyone rich, it does promise easy pocket money.


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Let us have a look at the 13 best money making apps currently available in the  UK market:


Survey Junkie FOAP
Google Opinion SlideJoy
Swagbucks My Points
Fluid Market Bookscouter
Coin Out Decluttr
Achievement iPoll
Swag IQ


1) Survey Junkie


Survey Junkie was founded in the year 2013. The basic aim of the surveys that are conducted by the app is to help different companies understand and improve the demand for their already existing products. It also helps companies to take consumer survey before launching a new product.


Survey Junkie - money making apps


  • It is a market research app that provides you money for every survey that you take.
  • At the time of signing in, the app needs you to answer a few questions that includes your demographic information, gender, health habits, rate of shopping, relationship status, income, etc. This helps the companies to understand the consumer status.
  • This app is easy to install.
  • One can also earn points by just setting up their profile.


Survey Junkie - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store





FOAP is another money making application. Here, the users are asked to upload pictures that they have taken with their smart phones.


So basically, one can sell the pictures that they have taken with their smart phones at good rates. It is basically a crowd sourcing platform.


Foap - money making apps


  • There is no bar for photographers. Both amateurs and professional photographers can upload the pictures that they have clicked.
  • It connects photographers from around the world with companies and advertising agencies.
  • Almost every cellphone nowadays comes with a high quality camera. Therefore, many photographers can click and upload such pictures.
  • After uploading, one just needs to wait till the picture gets sold.


Foap - rating - money making apps


The con of this application is that one cannot be sure that your pictures will get sold at all. Although, one cannot expect to make a lot of money, they sure can target some side money.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Google Opinion Reward


Google Opinion Rewards was developed and launched by Google. Available in over more than 22 countries, anyone who is more than 18 years old can use the app.


Google Opinion Rewards - money making apps


  • Users are asked to answer a certain survey that comes from time to time.
  • When answered, the users earn rewards.
  • Android users can redeem these rewards by buying apps from the Google Play Store. iOS users can redeem these rewards via PayPal.


Google Opinion Rewards - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store





SlideJoy is a money making app that pays you every time you open your lock screen.


Slidejoy - money making apps


  • This app when installed, users get an ad every time they unlock their lock screen.
  • The best part of the app is that it allows the users to earn passively. That is, even if the users don’t click on the ad, they would still earn rewards or ‘carats’.
  • You can redeem these via PayPal or Square Cash, or can even donate this money to charities.


The cons of the app are
  • Users can not put up any screen saver or picture in their lock screen. Ads would every time pop up on their screen.
  • The users need to wait for three months after signing up to redeem their rewards. After that the payout is monthly.

Google Play



5) Swagbucks


Swagbucks is another money making app that lets their users earn points or rewards. These rewards are called ‘Swagbuck points’.


Swagbucks - money making apps


  • Users are able to earn money through this app by taking surveys, shopping online, browsing pages, playing games etc.
  • This app provides a bonus to all the new users when they sign up.
  • There are numerous surveys available. Hence, there are higher opportunities of earning cash.
  • Users can either redeem their rewards as Gift Cards or take a cash back from PayPal.


Swagbucks - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



6) My Points


My Points is owned by Swagbucks. It is another money making app that offers points or rewards to users in return of some easy tasks.


Mypoints - money making apps


  • Users are asked to do simple tasks like reading e-mails, shopping online, watching a video and get rewarded for the same.
  • Users get rewards even if they don’t qualify for a survey.
  • Once enough reward points are accumulated, one can redeem them by either taking Gift Cards or cashing it out.


Mypoints - rating - money making apps


The con of the app is that it often re-directs you to a third party page when you answer a survey. The other is at many times one might not qualify for a survey.

Google PlayApp Store




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7) Fluid Market


Fluid Market is a bit different from the other money making apps we have come across so far.


Fluid - money making apps


  • This app lets you rent out your van or cargo, or any other car for weeks, hours or days.
  • It connects people with a vehicle to people in need of a vehicle.
  • Apart from this, one can also lend their miscellaneous items on rent like saws, drills, hedge trimmers, bike, rowboat etc.
  • As per their website one can earn up to $24 a year.


Fluid - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store




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8) Bookscouter


Bookscouter is one of the money making apps precisely for all the book worms out there. It connects the seller of books to the buyers.


Bookscouter - money making apps


  • Users can sell both their old and new books through this app.
  • Using the phone’s camera, the seller needs to scan the barcodes of the book and upload it.
  • The user would be able to see all the buy-back price of the buyers with the highest bidder at the top.


Bookscouter - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



9) Coin Out


Coin Out is a shopping rewards app that lets you earn rewards when you upload a receipt of any purchase. The receipt could be of any item from any retailer.


CoinOut - money making apps


  • The rewards you receive are not based on how much you spent.
  • There are chances of earning more if the condition of the receipt is better.
  • Although this app doesn’t promise to make one rich, it does promise free pocket money.
  • One can either cash in the rewards or choose to take Gift Cards.


CoinOut - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



10) Decluttr


Every stuff that is lying in your house that could be called clutter can now be called cash. Declutter allows its users to sell all your old and unwanted things.


Decluttr - money making apps


  • Users need to scan the barcode of the item that they wish to sell. After that the items need to be put into a box. The sellers can drop the box with a free Decluttr label.
  • Users get paid within the next day the app receives the order via PayPal or direct deposit.


Decluttr - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



11) Achievement


Ever thought of getting paid for being active? The Achievement app literally does that. The users get rewards for having an active lifestyle.


Achievement - money making apps


  • This app records all your activities including your steps and sleep. It works passively and runs in the phone’s background.
  • 10,000 points or reward equals $10. At reaching this point one can deposit the money directly to their bank accounts.


Achievement - rating - money making apps


The con is that it might take a while to reach 10,000 points.

Google PlayApp Store



12) iPoll


iPoll is one of the money making apps that gets you rewards for completing their missions. These missions could be taking surveys, giving opinions about stores and products etc.


iPoll - money making apps


  • The app collects some basic information about the users like preference, consumer habits, etc. and gives surveys accordingly.
  • For each survey completed, the user earns rewards.
  • The users can either redeem these rewards by taking gift cards or can even cash out through PayPal.


iPoll - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store



13) Swag IQ


The money making from this app depends on how much general knowledge and IQ the user possesses. This app is an excellent fit for quiz lovers.


Swag - money making apps


  • The users are asked 10 questions, in a live game show. They get the grand prize if they get all the answers right.
  • Users who could not get all the answers correct get reward points for all the correct answers.
  • The reward points can be redeemed in cash through PayPal or an also be converted to Gift Cards.


Swag - rating - money making apps


Google PlayApp Store




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Now that you know which money making apps to download if you want to make a few extra pounds, start taking advantage of them right away. Remember, whatever you make of these applications are legit so there is really no need for you to stress over it at all.