11 Best Productivity Apps 2023

Smartphones help everyone in being more productive. They act like tiny computers, which connects to the web and allow us to do work using them. Several apps have been developed to aid productivity and various functions of work and life.



Productivity apps help to keep business to run smoothly and efficiently. The best productivity apps help one to get in touch with colleagues, provide updates on work progress and send documents instantly.


These Productivity Apps can be selected based on one’s requirements and ease of use.

Google Drive Google Keep Notes
Microsoft Apps Evernote
WPS Office Dropbox
IFTTT TickTick
Trello Lucidchart


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1) Google Drive

Google Drive is an amazing productivity app available on mobile devices. It is the most commonly used productivity app as it works well.


Google Drive - productivity apps


The app, with its Google documents, sheets, and slides, caters to the normal office requirements. It provides a storage facility in Google Drive. A PDF reader from Google and Google Keep Notes makes it a simple effective note-taking app.


Google Drive - rating - productivity apps


The app is free for storage of 15GB and paid for storage capacity above that.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Google Keep Notes


This app works on iOS and android platforms and integrates with Google Drive and Google Docs. The interface is simple and visually appealing.


Google Keep - productivity apps


The app supports all types of notes you would like to take. To-do lists, images, text, voice, maps and drawings can be done with ease. Web pages to be remembered can be noted. Keep notes converts voice notes to text.


Notes can be color-coded based on the most often read or on project types. The app uses labels to sort notes. The interface is similar to a cork board covered with different coloured notes. Scrolling through you can locate a note without going through folders.


Google Keep - rating - productivity apps


The app transfers notes to Google Docs, set up pop-up reminders based on time and date, allows for sharing notes.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Microsoft Apps


Microsoft apps include numerous apps that boost productivity. OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote are some of them.


Microsoft Apps - productivity apps


These set of apps all work together to give a cohesive experience. Apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop allow you to dial into a Windows PC from an android phone.


Microsoft Apps - rating - productivity apps


Since all the apps are supported by Windows, mobile and desktop functions can be merged.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Evernote


Evernote has been a very popular app for many years. Evernote is a powerful note-taking app.


Evernote - productivity apps


The app captures any type of audio, text, picture and image. The app allows cross-device syncing. Organizational and collaboration functions are excellent.


Evernote - rating - productivity apps


Evernote converts photos into text, save them and makes the text searchable using optical recognition technology. This works for both typed and handwritten text.


The app is free and needs to be paid only if notes have to be synced with other devices.

Google PlayApp Store



5) WPS Office


This is an all-in-one complete free office suite app integrating all office word processor functions like Word, PDF, Memo, Spreadsheet, Presentation, etc. It is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive and Adobe.


WPS Office - productivity apps


The app enables office word processing to be done on-the-go on mobiles, tablets and other portable devices. One can create, edit, view, share office documents or while traveling or out of office. Presentations with layouts, animation and special effects can be made.


WPS Office - rating - productivity apps


The app supports document encryption and allows for recovery of deleted documents within 30 days.

Google PlayApp Store





6) Dropbox


This app is the most reliable for file backups and file syncing. This function helps one to access important documents at all times.


Dropbox - productivity apps


Documents can be saved offline eliminating the need for an internet connection to retrieve them. Photo and videos from the phone are automatically backed up in Dropbox.


Dropbox - rating - productivity apps


The basic version of the app is free. Paid plans exist for the extra features required.

Google PlayApp Store




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This free app makes your phone take up any task and perform it autonomously. The app makes schedules that tell various apps to perform tasks at varied times.


IFTTT - productivity apps


This app is a must when using smart lights and other IoT devices. Instagram photos can be auto-saved to Dropbox.


IFTTT - rating


The app does come with pre-made recipes for tasks. The app is powerful but it takes time to learn the various functions and adapt it to one’s needs.

Google PlayApp Store



8) TickTick


This app organizes tasks, chores, to-do lists, work details with ease.  TickTick comes with a calendar, reminder notifications, widgets and custom-made tasks with repeat functions.


TickTick - productivity apps


Tasks between colleagues at work or chores between household members can be shared.


TickTick - rating - productivity apps


The app allows cross-device syncing. With its simple controls and clean interface, it is definitely one of the best productivity apps.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Trello


This app is supported by Google Drive, Dropbox and Android Wear systems.  This productivity app is a great task manager. It helps one to be organized at work and at home.


Trello - productivity apps


Boards are created to help in keeping the various projects organized. The app permits one to work on each task, on the board, one at a time.The app allows for team collaboration either with colleagues at work or family at home.


Trello - rating - productivity apps


The app is entirely free and hence makes it a great productivity app for those working on a budget.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Lucidchart


This app helps in creating diagrams and flowcharts by anyone who needs to produce visuals. The app is compatible withiOS and Android platforms. The app is easy to use.


Lucidchart - productivity apps


Diagrams are created using a set of pre-made shapes designed for specific visuals such as flow charts, organization charts, room diagrams, family trees etc.


Lucidchart - rating - productivity apps


This app is popular as professional diagrams for work or personal use can be created. The app is very simple to use and has a basic free version.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Asana


This app is mainly used for team-based task management supported by iOS and Android systems.


Asana - productivity apps


The work management app contains a lot of information. The design of the app makes it easy to view what is required on the small mobile screen.


Asana - rating - productivity apps


The app allows keeping abreast with the team’s work while traveling or offsite. The status of all tasks assigned to the team members can be viewed. Teammates can view the progress of each other’s work. Further tasks can be assigned even when offsite.


The app can also be used for managing work in progress. Asana is considered one of the best apps for helping productivity.

Google PlayApp Store




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Final Thoughts


Always Remember what Steve Jobs said once “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else life start making your own”.



You can’t change what happened and can’t go back in time. So utilize time in a better way. Success always depends upon time management . Hope these productivity apps should help you in leading a successful professional as well as personal life.