Expert Connect



  • Provides real-time notifications to students
  • Gives ‘+1’, for working collaboratively
  • Student behavior can be collected and later given as feedback
  • Search for tutors based on location and specifications
  • Share media- audio, video or other documents


5 Months


Java, Objective C, PHP (web)


Expert Connect is an educational tool that streamlines and formalizes the way of connecting between a student and a teacher. Students or parents can now search for verified tutors in your locality of choice, check reviews and then book appointment based on budget as well as experience.

This app can be used by everyone who is in search of a guide as it includes different subjects and levels right from KG to high school, college, PG and Ph.D. Once the user has booked an appointment, the student and teacher can seat the session at the most appropriate place. Once the classes are complete, you can pay to your respective teachers and even give feedback and reviews relevant to ech session.

In this app, the teacher & student are the two user types. And to achieve its objective, this platform has an open source interface that allows creating and exchanging educational material via the internet, which includes videos, audios, and interactive exercises.


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