Math Path Finder


  • A one-stop math app
  • Can be used by kids in preschool, nursery, pre-K, K1, K2 or age group 2-5 years
  • Consists of 30 types of activities including addition, subtract, count, compare numbers etc.
  • Promote fast learning
  • Multiple fun-filled activities
  • Simple and user-friendly interface


4 Months


Android, iOS (only for tab)


Math pathfinder app is a type of training app in the form of fun brain games for kids who are about to learn the basics of mathematics. On the whole, this is a complete box which is comprised of various math activities to make your kids’ mind sharper and focused. Developed with inputs from educational consultants and schools, this app aims to improve your child’s math skills.

With a bunch of activities like numbers, counting, subtraction, and addition etc, the app is loaded with features that will promote your child’s confidence and comfort for learning.



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