Using this app, you can communicate with your customers in a more personal and intuitive way. It’s a collaboration of professionals, a platform which is 100% online and helps you stand out with your competitors.


  • Manage your budget in advance
  • Increase productivity with less mail, email or phone exchanges
  • Simple, powerful, fast and intuitive tool
  • 100% flexible, dynamic, and customize your space according to the need
  • Centralize and keep all your exchanges and data
  • Access, enrich and manage your space from a computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Follow the progress of your real estate project
  • Get a permanent connection with the developer before, during & after the construction process
  • View photos of the construction site and access documents online
  • Communicate easily, all messages are centralized, saved and sorted well
  • Get instant notifications
  • Has a calendar that helps you manage all of your current events &
  • Can create a timeline in minutes where you can add all project details
  • Easily create surveys questionnaires on the choice of services



4 months


Java, Swift