Scope of the project :

Customer App (Android + iOS) and Client App (Android + iOS)

Timeline : 2.5 months

Technologies :

React native, Python


  • Login Facility
  • Registration(Sign Up) Facility
  • Can Create Cards, including ‘Created Cards, Used Cards, My Cards (Both Created & Used Cards), All Cards
  • Can add Card/Shop details
  • Create Card User List
  • Scan QR
  • Shows Available offers
  • Shows Offer History
  • My Profile
  • Change Password Option
  • Language Options
  • Contact Us
  • Feedback Form


Two types of users can make use of this app. One is Shop Owner and the other is Customer.

Shop Owner

  • They can enter into app using login or registration.
  • ‘Create Card’ section is provided to create his own card for customers along with stamps and some input fields. While creating card, user can choose offer availability (yes if offer available/ no if no offer).
  • They can see all other created cards in ‘All Cards’ section on the home screen.
  • They can see created cards in ‘My Cards’ and ‘Created Cards’ section.
  • They can check the details of customers while clicking on the card.
  • QR codes would be generated along with stamps, and these QR codes can be placed at the shop for customers to scan the code. Card owner can add multiple points. No of points should be less than remaining stamps of card.
  • ‘Available Offers’ section gives the list of all cards which is collected by user by consuming all stamps of card. If the card has an offer then it should be listed in this section.
  • Card User List- In this section shop owner can see the list of users who are using or consuming his cards. By choosing specific users, shop owner can see list of cards which are consumed by the selected user.


  • Customers can enter into app using login or registration.
  • They can scan the QR codes placed in a shop every time they make a purchase. On each scan, user gets points and unlocks one stamp.
  • In a day, one customer can scan only once. If a customer wants to scan for a second time, the shop owner will have to provide the secondary password which was entered while creating the particular card. Card owner can add multiple points. No of points should be less than remaining stamps of card.
  • Once customer consumes all stamps then card will move to ‘Available Offers’ and ‘Offer History’.
  • Offer History- If the customer collects all the stamps of card and card doesn’t have an offer then it simply moves into offer history. If card has offer and user collects all stamps, then card becomes available in offers history. Now user can use an offer by simply choosing ‘Use Card’ functionality.
  • They can use the ‘Use Card Button’, to make use of the available offer. Once they use the card then it is simply moved to the ‘Offer History’ section.
  • Customers can see all created cards in ‘all cards section’ on the home screen.
  • The app provides ‘Language Options’; currently app will provide English and Japanese language. User can choose language from this section.
  • Contact us and feedback section provided by app for reaching to app admin.



Infinites HR is a renowned recruitment company as well as a ladder to ITES jobs which is initiated with an objective to bring the employees and employer closer. With their new mobile app, Infinites attempts to explore the possibilities to provide better network, access and connections for the right jobs.


  • 24*7 service is provided so that you don’t miss out any possible opportunity
  • Users just need to register with their mobile number and verify it to access a wide range of job opportunities
  • Simply refresh the app whenever on the go to get the latest job updates.
  • Users can always remain updated about the recent job vacancies in your preferred industry, location and function
  • The app allows you to edit and manage your profile at Infinites easily on the go
  • Infinites even gives you a chance to be part of their training program to improve your job prospects

The app is presently made available in India and might extend its base to more areas in the near future. Those who wish to be part of the growing network for job search and perk up the chances can get the app from the Infinites HR website or Google Play store. Job search is now easier than ever before at your fingertips!


Java, Android Studio, PHP


TeamWork Organizer


TeamWork Organizer is productivity based app that can be used in situations like private events, business events or logistics in operation. This app makes communication much easier where the administrator can add the desired number of members and start instant communication. This mobile app is an ideal tool for workplaces where admin can assign tasks and once it’s completed, the target is ticked off.


  • Visible to all participants
  • Can streamline all of your operations so your team can easily view, add, and create real-time work lists
  • Can store files in self-made folders and can be retrieved by the user any time
  • This app can be installed only on Android devices supporting 11 API & above
  • Organize attachments, clip materials from web and collaborate with team members


Android Studio, PHP, Java, Corona



This application is designed to serve the role of a productivity workspace to help make your work simple. A wide range of business tasks can be performed efficiently from a single platform. The easiness and simplification in the workspace is the key feature of the app.

Productivity tool integrations, scheduling, and workplace detail synchronization are the highlighted possibilities with the app


The user can login using Google account details or Office 365 after downloading the application. Followed by that, the user can make use of some unparalleled features:

  • ‘Conference Rooms’ lets you to search for workspaces in the needed area and make the selection from the list and reserve
  • ‘Date Picker & Time Picker’ helps you choose the date and time for the conference
  • ‘Location Search’ can be used for searching desired locations while integrating the current location
  • ‘Meetings’ option gives complete details of the conference like date, time, place and even the number of persons invited
  • ‘Meeting Cancellation’ allows you to just tap on the desired event to cancel it
  • ‘Check-in Options’ gives check-in sources for events or conferences which includes features like check-in, check-out option, meeting-cancel option, and meeting extension option
  • ‘Check-out the Rate’ gives the chance to review and rate the workplace with regard to the experience
  • ‘More/Profile’ shows the profile of the user and integration with tools like credentials (Google Account), conference tool (Skype), scheduling (Google Calendar )  and content sharing tool (Google Drive, One Drive)

Meelo was developed with the cross-platform Xamarin with native features. It is possible to share the code base at the same time.


Seva App

Scope of project:

Seva App: (Android only)

Timeline: 4 Months

Technology & Frameworks:

Android, PHP (Web)


Feature List:

  • A powerful productivity tool
  • Well-designed and user-friendly
  • 24*7 support for the entire provided workforce
  • Customize workflows for different projects
  • Its an online household service provider
  • Includes services like deep housekeeping, plumbing, car painting, electrical, chef, car washing, beautician, event Management etc.
  • In house team takes care about the quality services and ensure client satisfaction
  • Consist of professional and experienced people to accomplish services for the customers on-time


Regardless of the industry, this workforce management app can help you deal with multiple deadlines in working life. This app allows for planning, tracking and reporting of tasks etc. at your home, office or any commercial workplace.

Wi-Fi Attendance App

Scope of project: 

Employer app- Wifi attendance (Android + iOS)

Employee app- Wifi manager (Android + iOS)

Web admin panel- CMS (Web only)

Timeline: 4 Months

Technologies/ Framework:

Swift, Java, .Net


Created with attendance management in mind, Wi-Fi attendance app is the perfect solution for employee attendance system that can be used in various working environments like IT and non IT firms, banking, hospitals etc. This time tracking management tool helps you to track your employee attendance, location, etc. with just a few clicks.

Using this app, you can not only track time or employees but also view updates like announcements, news, blogs, holiday calendar etc. just on your fingertip. Another useful feature of this app is that you can share documents between the employee and the employer via the app.

The WiFi attendance app enables employees to apply for their leaves through the system. As soon as they apply for the leave, managers get notified instantly about the request. Managers also have the provision to check the summary of attendance and leaves on a weekly or monthly basis.  

In case, if employees check-in from outside the office premises, then the employer gets instantly notified. To use this app you need not require any special hardware. The WiFi attendance app works seamlessly for organizations with simple basic configuration through the admin panel.

Feature List:

  • Punch-in /out for daily attendance
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy leave management
  • Precise punch-in/punch-out details
  • Consists of yearly holiday calendar
  • Attendance and leave summary
  • Rewards details
  • Document sharing
  • View announcements, event, blogs etc.
  • Team configuration and profile management
  • Notifications for miss punch out, leave applications, out of office punches, work from home, etc.
  • Permission to HR policy/ Induction policy/ Company policy
  • Generate attendance reports