Hearing Aid


The safety of deaf people is always at risks as they would often miss out the critical warning sounds like alarms and sirens. RedBytes developed the Hearing Aid app with the interest of Grey Group Singapore with an objective to solve the situation.

With an objective to make the life of deaf people easier and safer, the Singapore Association of the Deaf looked forward to implement a technological solution. Redbytes team took the challenge with open hands and successfully developed an app utilizing the sound capturing feature of the smart phones.

How It Works?

Hearing Aid is in fact a sound recognition app designed to assure safety of the deaf people.The sounds around the user are recognized and they get alerted through push messages, flashing lights, and vibrations. The app is pre loaded with alerts for the common warning sounds like sirens, bells,alarms, beeps, bells and rings.


  • The customization feature lets the user to record and store the warning sounds which they personally wanted to be alerted about.
  • Such customized sounds need to be recorded in a quiet premise as sounds in a noisy place would be difficult to get captured.
  • The minimum length of the customized record sounds need to be within 10 seconds.
  • The nature of such recording sounds have to be repetitive for results
  • This application can support a maximum of up to 10 sounds.
  • Baby’s crying, whistle sounds and thunder storm are among the most commonly stored customized sounds.

Lions Health Award is one of the reputed healthcare communications awards across the globe. As an honor, the Hearing Aid app was shortlisted for Lions Health Awards in June 2015. This app is truly a blessing for the deaf community.


Java, Swift, PHP, Xcode, Objective C



The KIMS mobile app is a comprehensive discharge accelerator app which can be a great platform for hospitals. The awesome features of the app make the process of discharging a lot easier than ever before for patients. It acts as a guide all through the discharge process and completes the procedure in a very few steps.


  • The application covers each and every area in a complete discarge report like diagnosis details, admission dates, lab reports, treatment details, discharge condition, follow-ups, medications and billing details.
  • All the processes can be easily done at bedside as real-time data are available at your fingertips
  • The discharge data can be done in a short time as the form can be filled up easy and fast and dispatch on the fly
  • The app features separate user profiles for patients, doctors, and others who are part of the hospital discharge process which makes the whole process clear and transparent.
  • The app comes with an easy to use interface and incorporates simple tools. Patients can manage their care easy than ever before using an easy discharge plan.


Java, Swift, PHP, Android Studio, Mongo DB

Clinicard iVacc


  • Note dates, times,locations and even product batch numbers
  • Once saved,information’s can be accessed instantly
  • The iVacc app is especially useful to those who have moved from other nurseries, schools, health authorities or even countries.


Timeline: 60 days

123 Clic

Scope of project:

Web app (Super-admin) – (Web only)

For customer- (Android + iOS)

For specialists- (Android+ iOS)

Timeline: 3 months


Android, Java, Objective C, PHP

Feature List:

  • Smart, simple, hassle free UI
  • Marketplace-based app
  • Easy for booking appointments
  • Self-service scheduling
  • Immediate update & easy integrations
  • Location-feature enabled
  • Push notifications on appointment alerts
  • A plethora of medical, personal, wellness care assistants
  • Easy rescheduling and cancellation options
  • Manage staff, resource availability, and calendars
  • Available 24*7
  • Proper management of Information




This app lets you find the perfect professional, check their availability, make appointments online and manage them. The app is completely free and is available 24 hours a day. While making appointments, as the user, you need to select the sector and the speciality which you are looking for and then make booking according to the availability.

No payment gateway is involved. Only cash on delivery is provided. When a user books the service, notification is sent instantly with all necessary specifications.