Role of Blockchain in Mobile App Development [Case Study]

After showing lots of promises to work across many industries in many practical scenarios, Blockchain has now come so far to manifest a possibility of being adopted for mobile app development.


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Developing applications using Blockchain has been the latest buzz in the technology market and there are a few good reasons for this. For once, Blockchain can’t be tempered with or abused to compromise the system security and provides quite a transparent and reliable distributed network of data.


Its ability to protect most intricate data with encrypted security makes Blockchain a considerable option for safe online transactions.




This advanced disruptive technology presents rich opportunities for mobile app development services. Illustrious tech giants like Facebook, LG and Microsoft have all embraced Blockchain in their existing system.


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Let’s understand the role and impact of Blockchain in modern structure of mobile app development.


How Blockchain revolutionizes the tech world?


The first word inspired by Blockchain is bitcoin and monetary transactions – which is no doubt the most popular global thought nowadays.


However, the ledger data structure of Blockchain extends beyond the usual and steps into the territory of several other industries. For instance, on digital platform, it helps owners distribute the information without allowing users to steal it.



It eventually leads to a reliable and robust kind of information management architecture of new era especially for mobile app development industry.


Due to its atypical decentralized data distribution structure, there is not one single authority handling the app data storage, organization and management. Information is stored in what they call ‘blocks’ and ultimately distributed on a ledger, virtually.


The process conforms to utmost security standard to ensure transparency and traceability. Once it is distributed, it remains unalterable. It can be readable but can’t be updated by any one user.


Data ownership here does not belong to a single person, which means if there is any change to be made, all stakeholders need to be unanimous.


1) It guarantees data availability


Compared to what you experience in non-distributed plain database, the distributed database network is advantageous. Here each action shares perfect coordination with passing messages between applications or shared memory.


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Due to incredible control over the way data is processed and managed, blockchain-enabled database is more available. At times of failures or other challenges, it is easy to isolate certain parts of network and maintain uninterrupted performance.


2) It offers security for app data


Mobile app development process is a cradle of information exchange and constant knowledge sharing, which requires utmost data safety. The revolutionary technology of Blockchain technology uses precise encryption methods to keep your app content safe.


The powerful cryptography in Blockchain is designed to provide the highest standard of safety so that each phase of development project remains intact and untraceable and leak-proof.


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The series of interconnected blocks formed by the technology contains transaction data and timestamp for the successive block.


The data of confidentiality is stored in a cryptographic code which ensures each block offers unbreakable security. As every block has cryptographic code from the previous block, the data chain is built which can’t be violated.


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3) It enhances the simplicity of development


Blockchain technology also offers mobile app developers great simplicity, which is another remarkable benefit. Blockchain-supported mobile app development outperforms many other concepts that claim to function just like this.


The technology stands out in its straight forward attitude while ensuring tremendous security and data consistency. Simplicity of this magnitude makes Blockchain a worthwhile, easy-to-implement and economical choice.


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In mobile app development, it is important to uncomplicated things because complex use of technology makes the job of developers strenuous, tiring and time-consuming.


This also eventually affects money adversely due to costly maintenance and integration. Blockchain liberates you from such unfavorable cons and effectively contributes to lowering app development and maintenance-related costs.


The technology is business-friendly and helps develop feature-rich mobile apps with appreciable simple.


4) It boosts credibility and reliability


Implementing Blockchain technology for mobile app development leads to reliability and credibility of a mobile app.


Since Blockchain architecture comes with robust, unbreakable and rugged structure, the mobile app system gets quite resilient against technical crisis like sudden collapses and random crash due to its impact.


It is similar to having thousands of pixels in a photo, each carrying certain element of data, each being equally important.


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Reliability stems from its distributed streak which helps prevent any unauthorized access or malicious attempt to temper with data.


Distributed at multiple data centers and locations, Blockchain thus is quite sensitive to any smallest changes and modification in data.


Therefore, Blockchain-powered mobile app development seems to be a reliable approach for modern, scalable and receptive business models.


5) Refined and updated mobile apps


The world of mobile apps is constantly evolving, being the most innovative space. Hence, it requires a technology that does not stagnate and remains dynamic in its advancement.


Blockchain as an open-source technology certainly is growing evolved at a fast pace as expected and is likely to remain updated with more fascinating updates in future.


Its ability to grow faster will make the domain of mobile app development equipped to work on changing future requirements. Hopefully, it will also help business enterprises provide refined customer experience with highly improved mobile apps.


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6) Blockchain brings discipline and transparency


Another great aspect of using Blockchain for mobile app development is how transparent everything gets. The technology when used in the process of development records every possible transaction precisely, in a way that allows users to track and assess it whenever they wish.


With tight, inviolable security standards, the possibility of malicious attacks, information misuse or fraudulent transactions is kept away. This adds a superior, unique discipline to the entire process, making the app system scam-proof, transparent and protected from fraudsters.




As Blockchain makes the mobile app transactions safe and user information private, entrepreneurs with business apps will feel the difference in terms of customer’s trust and positive response.


Users will be assured that their data remain in good hands, and businesses can also scale up their app to handle the growing users.


7) Future promises in mobile app development


It is typically believed that Blockchain is restricted to the BFSI sector, which is not true. With security of data sharing and safe transactions, it is opening doors to many industries including Healthcare, real estate, logistics and ecommerce sectors in future.


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The right impact of Blockchain creates a comprehensive balance of interactions between customers, suppliers and enterprise owners.


In healthcare sector, you can take advantage of its distributed data and easily manage healthcare record of patients and communication details between doctors and patients for years to come.


This is possible as all medical updates and data will be stored safely with secure access of mobile apps. In real estate, users can see the entire process of property buying and selling streamlined in its apps to meet sophisticated working standard.


This variety of applications make Blockchain the most versatile modern technology useful across industry sectors. It is okay to say Blockchain is likely to be the most common integration in future not far from now.


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Final Remarks


Blockchain is one of the few emerging technologies that are still waiting to be fully explored and unleashed as well as experimented with its impact.


Lately, mobile app development world has started leveraging Blockchain power significantly and the use is still going up. In a long run, it also creates a competitive advantage for businesses looking to integrate the technology for its complicated business processes.


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The only drawback we can see for mobile app development is that the technology is its infancy which will be possibly overcome as it evolves progressively.


Blockchain is appreciated across industries especially by early adopters, and we can certainly say that there will be a great impact of new innovative applications built with Blockchain technology.