Impact Of Mobile Apps On Oil And Gas Industry In UK

The Oil and Gas industry has been playing a significant role in balancing the global economy and environment. The entire human civilization will collapse if oil and gas production suddenly stops due to any natural or technological mishap.


We all are aware of the term “Oil flows, the nation grows” – The growing demand for gas and oil in today’s world for domestic and business purposes justifies the phrase’s reality.




The industry produces energy and provides with fiscal fluidity that keeps the wheels of the economy moving. The tremendous growth of mobile apps in recent times has had an enormous impact on each industry, especially on Oil and Gas.


Starting from banking and finance, education, hospitality to retail, healthcare and more, has experienced changes. Every industry has felt the importance of digitalization with time and embraced mobile technology to safeguard their business.


According to the Mobile Statistics Report 2019-2023 published by the market research team of The Radicati Group, by the end of 2023 the total number of business and consumer mobile users all around the world will cross 7.3 billion. Oil and Gas industry is not an exception to this rule. And the sector in the UK is no different.


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Why Do Business Industries Need The Mobile Application?


mobile apps on oil and gas industry


For the business industries that work across several regions, on multiple projects in multiple locations usually encounter several challenges that affect the productivity and profitability of the business.


Adopting mobile technology not only benefits the industries to maintain smooth production but also helps in overall enterprise management. Also, in this age of mobility, mobile phones and applications are changing the usual concept of performing and maintaining business.


The growing demand and sales of smartphones have influenced business organizations to develop their apps irrespective of industries. After all, mobile applications have the power to shrink the entire world into a tiny device.


Mobile application developers use several app developing technologies which include JAVA, PHP, HTML 5 and many more to build up highly efficient apps for companies on demand. A recent report forecasts the increased number of app downloads in 2022 might cross nearly 258.2 billion.


Below are the reasons why the Oil and Gas industry need to embrace mobile apps more than before:


1) Data Access at Your Fingertips

mobile apps on oil and gas industry

Mobile technology has made it easier for you to record every data using specific software on that tiny device. Arrange smartphones equipped with useful mobile software that will allow your business team to get access to the real-time data at any time anywhere.


2) Keeping a Track of Business Insight


mobile apps on oil and gas industry

With the help of business mobile applications companies can observe and analyse their business insights using the recorded data. Business process optimization like exchanging important files, studying statistics, monitoring the process and others also become easier. 


3) Improved Communication among Colleagues


mobile apps on oil and gas industry


Not only the devices but the work culture and atmosphere has also evolved over the past years. With smart mobile applications, companies can build better networking and connectivity among the employees.


Starting from video conference, meeting, group discussion to working in collaboration from multiple locations – communication among the colleagues improves more than before.


4) Increasing Transparency

mobile app on oil and gas industry


Better communication builds transparency. Mobile apps keep the employees updated regarding the projects, services and products which are beneficial while communicating with the clients or customers.


Clear and informative communication replaces ambiguous or incomplete communication and enhances company transparency among both colleagues and clients.


5) Expand Business with Better Marketing Strategies


mobile apps on oil and gas industry


Lastly, mobile applications help in modelling unique and efficient marketing strategies as per the ongoing market trends which increases business growth.


You can expand the business and reach out to a potential audience and clients all around the world. Thus mobile application becomes the secret weapon for the company marketers.


Growth of Oil and Gas Industry in the UK


From ancient times, people have been using ancient or fossil fuels as one of the primary sources of energy. It was thousands of years ago when Herodotus had observed natural asphalts in walls and tower constructions in Babylon. History says petroleum was first used by China that too during 600 B.C.


However, with the continuous evolution of science and technology, people have learned the secret of processing and refining natural oil. And as an eventual consequence, the oil and gas industry started to sprout all around the world. And now the industry has expanded enough to influence the world economy and as well as the environment.


android app development


The above insight shows how the consumption of natural fuels or energy has increased over the past years. The total consumption of oil is approximately 30% where the total consumption of natural gas stands near 22%.


As per research reports, during 2016 the daily oil consumption in the UK had reached nearly 1.6 million barrels. The same report also reveals that approximately 75% of the total energy that the UK consumed in the same year was produced from oil and gas industries.


Impacts of Mobile Apps on the Oil and Gas Industry


Now the question might arise, what has mobile applications to do with the oil and gas industry? As mentioned above mobile apps are the new-age innovations that have evolved and revolutionized the age-old methodologies.


The oil and gas industry has also incorporated mobile technologies and mobile apps for better performance and growth. Research says that digitalization can earn the Oil and Gas industry nearly $1.6trillion value. The industry has, however, started to invest more in mobile app development to increase more efficiency.


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Multiple types of mobile applications can be developed for the Oil and Gas industry which include:


1) Disaster Management Apps


In case of emergency disastrous situations, mobile apps can help to save important business data and other crucial information that can be retrieved at any time.


Also, these apps can help to aware the team about the urgent condition and get immediate response from them.


2) Health and Safety Apps


Oil and Gas industries are not only limited to indoor cubicles. Multiple employees are working directly on the field in some remote locations to explore and unearth raw materials for further processing.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate and contact them. Mobile apps help to keep them connected with the company allowing them to update their safety or health issues, share field images and videos with the other team members in the office.


3) Communication Apps


Communication mobile apps will keep all the employees of a relevant team interconnected. They can share report files, arrange quick video conferences and group discussions using the app to communicate immediately.


4) Project Management Apps


Project management apps can help in effectively executing long and complicated projects. These apps make business operations easier for the employees as they can track the process, costs, and update field information and activities. 


5) Reporting Apps


A reporting app is required for updating regular data and forming daily reports. These apps can reduce the manual effort of recording each data and report daily for the management.


However, all these types of mobile apps for the Oil and Gas industry bring some significant impacts which are as follows:


1) Improved Safety


mobile apps on oil and gas industry


Working in the Oil and Gas industry as a field executive can sometimes be life-threatening. Dealing with health and safety issues, environmental challenges are a part of their daily life.


Mobile apps can bring the mobility solution to keep the relevant team updated regarding their safety issues from the field. Also, the technicians and the inspecting team can easily follow up with their condition and prevent fatal accidents before it happens.


Thus mobile apps can improve the work atmosphere and make it safe for the employees.


2) Capturing Accurate Data


mobile apps on oil and gas industry


To improve business efficiency, one needs to collect accurate data. Oil and Gas industry works with multiple professionals like field executives, geologists, environmental specialists, managers and others.


Instead of carrying paper and pen everywhere, using a mobile app is more convenient to collect accurate data.


3) Better Trouble-Shooting

mobile apps on oil and gas industry

Machines breakdown is another common challenge that the industry faces. Sometimes it consumes a lot of time to report and troubleshoot the problems. A mobile app for such troubleshooting and immediate reporting can reduce time consumption.


4) Real-Time Data Tracking


real time data tracking


Apart from data-capturing, dedicated mobile apps can help tracking and analyzing in data or business insights. These apps can also allow making decisions and adjustments to ensure smooth business productivity.


5) Enhanced Communication between Field & Office


work field communication


As we all know, communication is the key. Improved communication will lead to successful business growth and performance. In the oil and gas industry, people work in multiple locations for the same projects sometimes.


A better mobility solution can enhance the communication between the field executives and other professionals at the office to improve business operations.


6) Better Inspection and Situation Monitoring


situation monitoring


Oil and Gas industry requires regular and constant inspection of the pipeline, environmental assets to increase efficiency. Deploying mobile apps for such monitoring and situation inspection jobs can cut down the cost and will also help the relevant technicians to keep a note of the data for further action.


7) Reduced Network Failure

network failure


Network failure is one of the most common challenges in the Oil and Gas industry. Networks fail to capture and share data once the professionals move out the specific network range.


Mobile apps with offline capability can reduce the probabilities of network failure and increase connectivity. These mobile apps are efficient enough to capture and sync data automatically even if they are out of the range. 


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Let’s Wrap Up


With the magical wave of digitalization, Oil and Gas industry has evolved over the past years by implementing multiple digital facilities for the employees and business. 


app concept


The powerful impacts of mobile apps on the Oil and Gas industry has reduced the struggle of the professionals in massive data capturing, location tracking and others.


However, there is no doubt that with the right tools and guidance you can identify the right solution. Mobile applications in today’s world can guide your business through the right path.