11 Best Personal Finance Apps 2023

A wide variety of smartphones and mobile apps are easily available now and this has enabled individuals to manage their personal finance in a better manner.


It is no longer a challenging task at all and you avoid wasting paper altogether. All that you are required to do is run a simple app of your choice on your smartphone or tab. The records can be easily stored and backed up digitally.



They can be retrieved as and when required form anywhere. Having said that here is some information about the 11 best personal finance apps that you can consider using:


Mint You Need
PocketGuard Wally Next
Spendee Budget Dollarbird
Monefy Prism
Albert Goodbudget


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1) Mint


The app Mint helps you to organise your expenses so that they do not exceed your income. After downloading the app, you are required to link all of your credit and debit cards to your account on Mint.


Mint - personal finance apps


You can also link your savings, deposit and investment accounts for a comprehensive analysis. In addition to keeping track of your investments, the app provides forecasts on them.


Mint - rating - personal finance apps


Mint analyses your expenses and gives suggestions on saving money. Finally, Mint tracks your bills and even credit history.

Google PlayApp Store



2) You Need A Budget (YNAB)


YNAB can be downloaded on to both Android and iOS devices, which enables you to manage your spending well.


YNAB - personal finance apps


It allows you to employ the four main rules of budgeting: allocation of money for specific purposes, dividing large expenses into smaller ones, dynamically changing the budget depending on the situation, and not spending money as soon as it is received.


YNAB - rating - personal finance apps


All bank accounts and cards can be linked to YNAB and synchronize your account on the app with all your devices. Money transactions are presented as charts and graphs.

Google PlayApp Store



3) PocketGuard


PocketGuard is one of the best personal finance apps, available both on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. If you are a person that likes the minimalistic modern design and want to control expenses, then this app is for you.


Pocket Guard - personal finance apps


You can add all your savings, loans, and investment details on to your PocketGuard account so as to get a clear picture of your financial status. The app analyses your fixed and regular expenses and you can use the information to prepare an expenses budget for one month or six months ahead.


Pocket Guard - rating - personal finance apps


If you set an expense limit for each item, you will receive notifications when you hit a certain level. Invoices are sent directly to the app and all money transfers are protected through special codes to ensure security.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Wally Next


If you are looking for a personal finance app that provides you with a better understanding of your financial status visually, then you must consider Wally Next. This app analyses presents all information related to your personal finance in the form of graphs and diagrams.


Wally Next - personal finance apps


It enables you to become more organised as you can add and manage all your accounts from one Dashboard. Wally Next has the ability to even take into account international payments, currency savings, and other transactions when analysing your wealth.


Wally Next - rating - personal finance apps


The app also allows you to keep track of your past payments and reminds you if there are recurring payments. Auto-payments set up option are also available. Wall Next is available for both iOS and Android phone users.

Google PlayApp Store



5) Spendee Budget and Money Tracker


‘Spendee Budget and Money Tracker’ allows you to not only manage all your credit/debit cards but also your accounts, deposits, and currency savings directly from your iOS or Android device.


Spendee - personal finance apps


The app carries out all analysis through full bank synchronization and allows you to link even your electronic wallets including PayPal and foreign accounts. The good news is that this modern application allows you to track even your cryptocurrency savings.


Spendee - rating - personal finance apps


Total expenses for a month can be easily determined on the closing day and you can set up payment alerts with reminders. It has info graphics capability which enables you to see all data. It also allows you to create separate wallets to allocate funds for special occasions.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Dollarbird


Dollarbird’s unique design and functionality attracts attention immediately. Though it cannot be considered as a standard cost planner, this stylized calendar helps you to record all your costs and expenses.


Dollarbird - personal finance apps


These personal finance apps work on the basis of how frequently you spend money. To keep track of payments, you just have to enter them into this financial calendar. Dollarbird cannot be synchronised with any of your accounts and it keeps all records in the same currency.


Dollarbird - rating - personal finance apps


However, it is very easy to use. Moreover, all expenses can be easily classified quickly. Further, the app’s AI-based system provides smart hints. All data entered into one of your accounts through one device can be accessed from other devices as well.

Google PlayApp Store





7) Monefy


Have you ever felt that controlling your spending is difficult? Are your expenses unexpected and spontaneous? Do you want to end the same? Why not give the Monefy app a try on your device?


Monefy - personal finance apps


Apps enable you to keep a comprehensive record of your personal and business finance. You just have to add the details related to the cup of coffee, croissant, or business lunch you had at a café. As the app helps you to track the main expense items, you can quickly make a decision as to how you can reduce it.


Monefy - rating - personal finance apps


You can make use of your DropBox account to synchronize your devices and even add accounts of other people to a list of synchronized devices.

Google PlayApp Store



8) Prism


Prism is designed in such a way that it helps you to control and remind you of your ongoing payments such as utility bills, loans, and mortgages, and rentals.


Prism - personal finance apps


You can pay all of your bills, track your expenses as well as personal finances, and view balances in investment and savings accounts. The smartphone app allows you to track your loan and credit repayment dates, payment history, and the total amount due.


Prism - rating - personal finance apps


On the day of the reminder, you may make all payments for free. You will have to set up the notification system on your own but Prism’s exclusive offers even allow you to save some money.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Albert


If you find it difficult to accurately calculate your budget, then Albert is one of the best personal finance apps for you. The app does not allow you to keep your money idle. It determines as to what your expenses are and how much you can save without any compromise on your interests.


Albert - personal finance apps


The app transfers this amount to the Albert Savings account allocated to you. Albert performs the calculations with the help of patented and specialised algorithms which are highly effective.


Albert - rating - personal finance apps


Your basic finances are not impacted, but you will be able to accumulate an impressive amount over time. As the savings are insured, your funds will be safe. The reserved amount can be withdrawn at any time.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Goodbudget


Goodbudget is designed to remove the confusions associated with budgeting and make the whole process easier for you. The app makes available thematic “envelopes” just as in real life for you to keep apart money for specific needs.


Goodbudget - personal finance apps


The payments can be made only from the specified envelope. This allows you to exercise control over your expenses. The app also allows you to stop spending before the allocated money is completely wiped out.


Goodbudget - rating - personal finance apps


The app’s free version makes available only 10 envelopes. The subscription version enables you to create an unlimited number of envelopes, synchronise up to five devices, and budget expenses in advance.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Acorns


If you believe investing is risky, it is not true. Acorn was developed to reduce the risk of you losing your money. The app invests your funds without any participation from your side. It takes money from the daily purchases you make and it will not be visible when you track your costs.


Acorns - personal finance apps


The amount taken is very small and it does not create any major impact on your overall financial situation. It also allows you to make disposable investments on your own.


Acorns - rating - personal finance apps


All money is insured there is no risk involved. Acorns will show to you that you are not required to have huge amounts for investments.

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In conclusion, all of these personal finance apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.



Your income and expenses may change every month, but you can keep your finances stable if you enjoy a steady income and have to take care of a few regular expenses.