How To Shape Your Smart Homes With Mobile Apps

Time has brought us into an era where life without internet is slowly turning into a myth. It is not only difficult but impossible to imagine modern lifestyles without the least aid of technologies these days.




The rapid advancement of mobile technology and smart devices has replaced human involvement in almost every aspect of life. The emergence of multiple smart devices and a tendency for easy lifestyles has given birth to the idea called “smart home”.


Although this new-age concept of smart homes sounds a little confusing and complicated to the people who are not much  used to internet, efficient mobile apps have made this home automation technology easier for everyone.


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What is a Smart Home?

smart homes with mobile apps

A smart home is another name for home automation technology. Home automation technology is a modern age wonder that allows the homeowners to remotely monitor their homes and control appliances like lights, heaters and others.


Being a smart homeowner, you can connect all your smart devices with the appliances and systems of your home so that you can manage everything even if you are not at home.


“Did I switch off the kitchen lights?”, “Did I turned off the heater?” – These kinds of thoughts are enough to distract you from an important office meeting or any other important work.


But with a smart homes, you can keep all these thoughts aside and focus on your work. All you need to do is to peek into mobile apps and check the current status of your home, sitting at your office.


With several interconnected smart devices and home appliances like smart lights, smart locks, smart power outlets and others you can easily set up a smart home and save time, money and total energy consumption.


Apart from that, you can get smart entertainment appliances (audio and visual), air conditioner, washing machines, and refrigerators to smarten up your home.


It is worth mentioning that 22% of the UK households already own smart home assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home in 2019. According to reports, 87% of US consumers who use smart home devices have confirmed that their life has become so much easier than before.


Research says the high demand smart devices for setting up smart homes has made the United Kingdom one of the rapidly growing and the second largest smart home market on the natural ground. According to a research report by Statista, the smart home market in the United Kingdom has reached US$3,934m this year.


And another surprising fact the same report reveals is that the UK smart home market has generated most revenue as compared on a global ratio. The global Smart home market is expected to amount to nearly 27% growth in this year.


Why Do You Need to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home?


According to market research focusing on the global forecast of 2024, the global smart home market is predicted to reach $151.4 billion by 2024. In 2018 the net worth of the overall smart home market was $76.6 billion.


The primary factor that influences the smart home market is the continuous growth of internet users. According to recent research conducted by the Office for National Statistics reveals, 91% of all UK adults use the internet regularly.


All 99% of adults aged between 16-44 years and nearly 47% of adults aged over 75 years use internet connectivity. However, making your home smart has several benefits. We have enlisted below the multiple reasons why you should think about turning your home in a smarter one.


1) Control Your Home Remotely

smart homes with mobile apps


The primary benefits one can get from a smart home are smart controlling and management. Once you connect your home with all other smart devices you can control everything from outside.


In case you want to check what’s pet is doing you can simply log in to your laptop or mobile app and take a glance.


2) Time is precious

smart homes with mobile apps

Today, time is something that you always need to save. Smart home understands your value of time and helps you in performing daily chores like drawing the curtains, turning off the lights and so on. You command and your home will follow.


3) Reduced Expenses on Bills

smart homes with mobile apps

Managing monthly expenses is another biggest challenge that every household face. A smart home helps you in saving money by reducing monthly electricity bills. Often we forget to turn off the lights and heaters or any other electronic devices and it remains on until we come back.


Home automation technology will help you in turning off such electric systems if you don’t feel like stepping out of your cosy blanket at night or if you have already left for work.


4) Customizing Facilities


smart homes with mobile apps


Home automation technology comes with multiple customizing options. You can personalize all the electronic appliances as per your wish.


For example, adjusting the brightness of the lighting, turning on backdoor light at a certain time or drawing the shades automatically and others.


5) Ultimate Security

smart homes with mobile apps


The most important benefit of having a smart home is security. Now home is such a place that everyone tries to keep secure and safe from the outside chaos.


Smart homes will allow you to monitor everything even remotely and keep your home safe from small local crimes and thefts.


6) Enable Home Alarms


smart homes with mobile apps

You can also enable the home alarm to save a life in case of fire, terrorism or theft. Your smart home can send a notification to your dear ones if you seem to be in such trouble or alarm your neighbours for immediate help.


7) Relaxing Mind

smart homes with mobile apps


With a smart home you can get back your peace of mind. Using home automation techniques you can check whether the doors and windows are properly shut before dozing off for the day.


Nearly 72% of US consumers who use smart home products have ensured their peace of mind due to ultimate security assurance of these devices.


8) Comfortable Home

smart homes with mobile apps


Smart homes can also make your life more comfortable than before. You can sit in a corner of your couch and still perform all the necessary daily tasks. You do not need to move from one corner to the other inside your home to manage everything.


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These above reasons are enough to tell you why you should consider smartening your home into a more comfortable, energy-efficient, secured and fully connected one.


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Contribution of Mobile Apps in Shaping Your Smart Homes 


Smart home technology is a new-age concept of reshaping your homes in collaboration with high-end technology and mobile apps.


Home automation technology has simplified our lives by connecting homes with smart home mobile apps. Using a mobile app for every task is no more a trend rather it has become a necessity nowadays.


Studies reveal that nearly 194 billion apps were downloaded last year and within the time block between 2016 – 2018 the total time spent on mobile apps increased by 50% while downloading rate increased by 35%.


With this expanding growth, mobile apps are also evolving every day and they are no longer limited to paying bills, controlling finances, booking hall tickets or chatting with a friend.


Mobile apps have developed enough to supervise and control your home – smart home. Many smart homes mobile apps help you in putting everything together and make your life hassle-free.


The ways how mobile apps benefit your urban smart homes are as follows:


1) Optimized Lifestyle

smart homes with mobile apps


In simple words, smart homes mean more simple life with high automated maintenance. Smart home mobile apps simplify and optimize your life by enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the time and cost consumption.


With smart home apps, you can even keep track of how much time you are spending on the device.


2) Reduced Household Maintenance Stress

smart homes with mobile apps


Life is uncertain and unpredictable. You might face some urgency at work or you might fall sick suddenly. With smart devices and smart home apps, you do not need to take the stress of maintaining and cleaning your home.


There are varieties of smart home cleaning appliances available in the market that can work automatically on your command and get the work done with full efficiency.


3) Remote Access Using a Smart Home App


smart homes with mobile apps


Smart home mobile apps will also help to get into your house remotely. Maybe you are on a long vacation with your family, you can still be connected and operate all the smart devices of your home that are connected with the mobile apps.


Anytime you can get remote access and turn on outdoor and indoor light to aware the sneakers around that you are keeping an eye on them. A smart home will take full care of the security of your home.


4) Receiving Push Notification


Smart home mobile apps can send push notifications from time to time updating the recent activities inside and around your home. In unfortunate cases like fire break out or robbery, you can get the notification on the phone if you are not around to take immediate action.


Apart from emergencies, the trivial matters like if your television is on, if your speaker is still active, if your bedroom lights are still on – you will be updated through push notification.


5) Enhanced Centralization


With the help of smart home mobile apps you can gather everything in one place. In other words, you centralize your home. These apps give you easy control to check everything even when you are travelling to another country.


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Final Words


The concept of a smart home has now become a trend these days. The collaboration of mobile apps and smart homes devices are together dominating the consumer market not only in the UK but in every corner of the world.


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With every passing year, more and more global consumers are upgrading their homes to a smart and brainy one. As a result, the overall market for smart home is vastly expanding. As per Forbes reports, by the end of 2021 there will be more than 73 million smart homes within North America.


So in the coming years as technology reigns, we can expect to witness significant growth and mass adoption of smart homes with relevant mobile apps all over the world.