Top 10 Live TV Streaming Apps in the UK

There are many things that have changed with time and this includes relaxing on a couch and watching your favourite shows on TV. Life has become busy for everyone that you hardly get any time to invest in it.


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This, combined with the Internet and other technologies have largely dominating our daily activities has resulted in a perfect solution – live streaming apps. News, dramas, movies, sports, animes and more – you can stream them all in real time using these apps. The best part is many of these apps are accessible from any corner of the world.


In this blog, we will discuss the best live streaming apps in the UK. You can access the content in many of these apps for free or may be on a weekly or monthly subscription plan.


10 famous Live streaming apps in the UK


The live streaming helps in easily watching television on the go with the deduction of television charges.


On top of that, there are a number of applications that are absolutely free and have no charges at all.


So, let’s have the best brief on the apps that are extremely famous in the UK for live streaming.


Freeview NowTV
Live Net TV UK TV Now
Exodus Live TV Swift Streams
RedBox TV Pluto TV
Genius Stream eDoctor IPTV


1. Freeview


Just like its name, FreeView app lets you watch live TV without having to pay for it. You can link the app with external streaming apps, like ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, etc., thus bringing the different free channel’s apps in one place.


You have an option to add the streaming services of your choice once you log into the app. If you do not have any downloaded suggestions, you can click the provided links to the app store and download them.


There are different categoric division in the application that divides shows as per categories. In all these categories, ‘TV shows’ is extremely famous among the crowd that requires no charges at all.




Freeview app also comes with a ‘guide’ option that shows what is currently streaming on live and the upcoming shows on every channel in the app. This is very similar to the TV guide you have on the television. You can also set reminders for upcoming shows you wish to watch in this feature – you just have to select the show and tap the alarm icon.




2. NowTV


NowTV is the app for the sports enthusiasts. Watch live sports in all Sky Sports’ channels without a Sky Sports subscription using the app. It is a paid app. You can pay on a weekly or monthly basis based on when the sporting events you want to watch will be aired.




There is a ‘join’ option in the app that is visible once you download it. You can click it and then choose the kind of membership you want. NowTV offers different membership packages for your sports membership. The prices can differ from time to time, but generally, the monthly packages are priced at £33.99 and daily packages are at £9.99.



With NowTV app, you have all Sky Sports events at your fingertips, be it Premier League football matches, the Super Bowl, England cricket test matches and more.


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3. Live Net TV


LiveNet TV is another live streaming app that is being widely used in the UK. The best part about the app is that it helps create alternative links for a huge volume of audience. The team behind the app focuses of delivering the best streaming experience with support that ensures stability.


Users can send out requests in the app to add channels of their choice using the ‘Channel Request’ option. The app is easy to use and works based on the specifications chosen by the user. The notable features of LiveNetTV app are its interactive user interface, Favourites tab, options to add different languages and live streaming.


live net tv - live streaming apps






4. UK TV Now


UK TV now app is not only popular in the UK, but also in Canada and the United States. It is considered one of the best live streaming apps in the UK for its awesome features.


The app offers 9 categories to browse channels. Its interactive user interface is another feature that interests users. The channel offers a wide variety of media – movies, documentaries, entertainment, kids’ content and much more that add to its popularity. The best parts of UK TV Now app are that there is no user registration and all the content is available for free.



Other noteworthy features of the app are its good buffering speed, channel filters based on country and location, video scheduling feature and external video player.


now tv - live streaming apps







5. Exodus Live TV


Exodus Live TV app works only on Android devices, where you can watch over 850 live channels depending on where you are. Apart from the UK, the app’s services are also available in the US and other regions.


The app is popular mainly for its fresh and good interface. It also has an ad-free version and its development phase of IPTV App. You get to access the live channels in the app under different categories, including entertainment, sports, movies, religion.


Exodus Live TV app has some amazing features – HD video support, lower rate of buffering, no mandatory user registration, easy navigation and great interface that make it undoubtedly one of the best live TV streaming apps


Exodus Live TV - live streaming apps







6. Swift Streams


Swift Streamz is a live-streaming app that works with Android devices. Apart from the UK, its services extend to India, Greece, France, Australia, USA, Canada, and many more countries. The app has over 200 live stream channels.


The services of Swift Streamz app are available for free. You can also download the videos to view them offline later. You do not have to subscribe to access the content. There is also no need for user registration.Swift Streams - live streaming apps




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7. RedBox TV


RedBox TV is a free live streaming TV app that provides live channels as well as on-demand content that you can access through your mobile devices. The live channels are categorised into different genre that you can watch based on your preferences.


RedBox TV app’s services are available in 15 countries. Since the app is free, you will have an ads playing before and after you watch a video. Apart from live streaming, you can also access on-demand free movies in the app. However, the list of free movies is very limited. The app offers a larger set of movies for rent.


RedBox TV - live streaming apps


RedBox TV app supports MX players and web players and is compatible with 321 players. You can use the different categories within the application based on the media player. The categories include kids, science, entertainment, sports, etc.





8. Pluto TV


Pluto TV provides awesome live streaming service to the users in the UK. The app provides a variety of channels from around the world free of cost. When you log into the app, a TV guide is displayed, where you can see show suggestions, the shows being aired as well as the upcoming shows.


Pluto TV’s live streaming services are available for free. Each channel in the app comes with categories – Movies, Crime, Christmas, New on Pluto TV, etc. that enable users to choose the shows relevant to them.



Pluto TV


Apart from live streaming, Pluto TV also offers on-demand services, where users can choose shows that have already been aired. They are also sorted into different categories from which you can select the show of your choice.





9. Genius Stream


Genius Stream is another live-streaming app that especially provides its services across UK, US and many other countries. The app comes with channels that are distributed into different categories. The videos played in the app are of HD quality and supports multiple players.


Genius Stream - live streaming apps


Genius Stream app offers its services free of cost. You do not need a user registration or subscription to avail its services. The app seems to work well in 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. The best part about the app is its user interface that is neat and simple to use.





10. eDoctor IPTV


eDoctor IPTV app is one the best IPTV apps available in the UK, where you can access over thousands of channels from different countries in your Android device. You can watch TV, sports, P2P TV, news and listen to radio using the app.


The UI is not that interactive or attractive but it is extremely good with radio feature.


eDoctor IPTV - live streaming apps





In the app, you can use the default player of an external player, like MX or VLC to watch your favourite shows. The app is often updated with new channels and links. The best part is you can access the app or free, without having to register or subscribe.


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More than a replacement to our regular TV, live TV streaming apps are what you can consider keeping up with the modern times in a more convenient manner. The above-mentioned list consists of the live streaming apps that are popular in the UK and other countries as well.


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These apps are helping to bring back people’s interests in TV shows and also drawing more attention to it, thereby enhancing the circle of TV viewers.