12 Best Free VR Apps For Android 2023

Virtual Reality technology has changed the way people experience the visuals of entertainment, especially VR Apps.


While VR gears like Oculus VR and PlayStation VR and Google Rift are quite entrenched in the VR market, their innovative capabilities are still unaffordable for many consumers.


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Thanks to smartphones, now you can download some free VR apps for Android devices in UK and enjoy VR-powered 360-degree videos.


Unsurprisingly, VR often translate into unique gaming experience seen in 3D environment. VR headsets redefine gaming, movies, TV shows, sports and wildlife documentaries.


Therefore, VR is the best way to utilize your leisure time and immerse users in the brand new extraordinary world of virtual reality and rich imagination.


Get ready to experience the world of thrill you’ve never dived in before as we present the 12 best free VR apps for Android in UK (2023).


Google Cardboard Zombie Shooter VR
VR Sniper  Google Earth VR
Within Expeditions
Google Arts and Culture Netflix VR
Discovery VR GoPro VR
YouTube VR FullDive VR


1. Google Cardboard



Google Cardboard has made many VR lovers a true fanatic with its VR technology.


One of the longest running in the VR apps for android in UK market, Google Cardboard still stays at the top in the list of the best free Android VR apps in 2019.


It pushes the envelope for demonstrating the possibilities with VR technology and is quite suitable for people who wish to explore world of Virtual Reality experience with all its astounding features and surprises.


The app is completely free and contains ample number of videos and engaging features like Google Maps that enables 360-degree videos for travelling the world.


Google Play - best free vr apps for android uk




2. Zombie Shooter VR


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Working for both iOS and Android, Zombie Shooter VR is another name in the world of VR apps and has everything you can expect in zombie-ridden games.


Earlier, it used to be a paid app, but later the development team made it open for all in order to sustain VR in UK market competition.


It excites you by the prospects of killing zombies using touch lessgear-free control.


The well-accomplished app has comfortable controls where players can just look at zombies to trigger the shooting with weapon.


Google Play - best free vr apps for android uk




3. VR Sniper 



If you enjoy posing as a sniper and killing enemies with sniper shoot, VR Sniper is the exemplary app for Android in UK.


Like certain game VR apps, here the shooting actions are controlled and triggered by head movements.


The gameplay is easy to learn and simple yet it needs good practice to master the skill. The gamers must kill 10 enemy soldiers that they can see via VR gear.


Available for free on iTunes and Google Play Store, VR Sniper also comes with in-app purchases if you wish to unlock more exciting features and levels.


Google Play - best free vr apps for android uk



4. Google Earth VR



Google Earth has thrived as one of the tempting entertainment sources that let you explore the planet from every corner possible.


The journey you embark on via Google Earth is both enlightening and delightful if you are an avid geography lover.


It also allows you to tap into its menu to fulfill your ultimate wish to visit popular global landmarks and landscapes such Golden Bridge, Pyramids or Sphinx, or the Wall of China.


Many of landscapes appear a little clear to your eyes in Google Earth VR as you have power to zoom into far distance in no time and witness the gargantuan monuments.


If you have used Google Earth before, VR could take your experience a notch up though not with all the details.


Google Play - best free vr apps for android uk



5. Within



The free app Within delivers a comprehensive platform for VR lovers to enjoy content from across the world.


It includes marvelous 360-degree videos like a 13-minute video from the famous TV show Mr. Robot.


Within immerses users with both entertainment and education, encompassing the news contents like the NYT, Vice media, Apple, NBC plus contents from musicals and movie studios.


Its original video series The Possible touches on technologies like hover crafts and robot dogs the lens of your VR headset.


To appeal to wide base of viewers, Within’s existing library is going to get richer over time, making the experience uncompromised.


Google Play



6. Expeditions


Education doesn’t need to be a serious process and Expeditions VR app understands it better.


Available for free in Google Play Store, Expeditions is a fun app for people of all age groups who want to be at the world’s popular destinations and places with the purpose of learning and distractions.


The app contains nearly 200 expeditions and its developers are still adding more places. The app is highly compatible with Cardboard and VR gear but even its 360-degree mode offers enjoyable experience.


Google Play



7. Google Arts and Culture



Google Arts and Culture focuses hugely on museums, historical and heritage landmarks, which makes it similar to Expeditions.


The app functions compatibly with Google Cardboard and allows you to explore hundreds of places you wish to see in VR display.


Even though Google Arts and Culture has not yet grabbed as much users as other apps released by Google, it is still crowned as one of the best VR apps at the moment.


The app also keeps you updated with real-time information about different locations.


Google Play -best free vr apps for android uk



8. Netflix VR



Netflix has now become the household name in the world of streaming entertainment and is quite popular among young millennials.


Netflix VR is the official app for watching fresh movies and TV shows. It brings home the experience of virtual environment for binging on their favorite movies and TV shows.


One of the great VR apps, Netflix VR has a benefit of moving its existing potential customers to its VR app.


Still, it can’t be denied that the app needs some improvements. At the moment, offline viewing is unavailable in Netflix VR unlike original Netflix app.


Moreover, the app is limited to Daydream Android devices only.


Google Play



9. Discovery VR



Discovery VR proudly stays alive and appears scintillating on any list that focuses on free Android VR apps.


Quite predominantly favorite among VR addicts, Discovery VR is the official app started by Discovery channel and can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices running on the latest software versions.


Though viewers can’t access all of Discovery’s original content on this app, it still showcases a lot many enjoyable VR visuals.


Users can relish its diverse videos in unique environments that make users feel like exploring uncharted places in the world.


Discovery VR is still in its early phase and will hopefully receive new updates and features in upcoming versions.


google play - best free vr apps for android uk



10. GoPro VR



Deserving comparison with Discovery VR, GoPro VR offers quite rich and diverse video content.


The reason why users can expect exceptional quality in GoProlies in the fact that all the videos hosted by GoPro VR app are created using GoPro cameras.


This free VR app is especially perfect for viewers who gravitate to watching adventurous videos via VR gear or Cardboard for extra thrill and fun.


What is even more stunning about GoPro is that some videos can be viewed at 60 frames per second.


Available for free on Google Play store and iTunes, GoPro VR is still available only in a few countries.


google play - best free vr apps for android uk



11. YouTube VR



YouTube is incomparable when it comes to offering a wide array of video content, especially 360-degree videos. YouTube VR is also a free app available in Google Play Store.


For users to start indulging in VR-supporting videos on YouTube, they have two choices: either get a cost-efficient Google cardboard or purchase an expensive Samsung Gear VR.


YouTube also facilitates total hands-free experience by enabling users to search for videos using their own voice.


google play - best free vr apps for android uk



12. FullDive VR


FullDive VR is the most generous content resource with multi-source All-in-one VR platform where users can not only browse rich content but also share it with friends and comment on them.


This is the best resort for those who seek wealth of VR content and “trending” videos as it has over 1 million videos to explore.


The content streams from leaders in the business like NYT and Discovery so you can watch CGI films, documentaries, engaging footages of wildlife and more. Its prominent features are:


  • Compatibility with Google Cardboard
  • UI with immersive 3D environment
  • Full-fledged Menus with sharing capabilities
  • Emotion-specific content classification
  • VR mode for internet video viewing
  • Access to 360 photos


FullDive VR also allows users to view videos saved on their device to recreate a theatre-like experience.


google play - best free vr apps for android uk





All the 13 free Android VR apps mentioned here could be your best pick for your VR-based entertainment in UK (2023).


Each app brings home a whole new set of features and viewing environment.


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They all offer diverse content you will never have enough of.


But it is right to say that creators are still scratching the surface when it comes to developing unparalleled ways to educate and entertain smartphone users with VR apps.


In future, we are likely to witness even more groundbreaking innovations.