13 Best Travel Apps UK 2023

Smart-phones and their apps are ruling the roost when it comes to vacation and planning one’s next jaunt. Be it a one day trip or a month-long holiday, including short hops on business, these travel apps provide practical, picturesque details of destinations providing the user with a multitude of choices.



Every app vies with each other in providing the logistics to make travel as smooth as possible with little or no stress for the traveller.


The travel apps support all the functions, right from reserving air or train tickets, hotel bookings, locating tours, providing guides and different language dictionaries and helping to get about locally.


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These are some of the user-friendly apps best suited for travel in the UK.



Tripadvisor Tripadvisor Offline
Tripit Google trips
National Trust Travelzoo
Wiffinity ViaMichelin
Around Me Skyscanner
Roadtrippers CityMapper

1) Tripadvisor


This is a standard and a must app for travellers. Locations can be searched for and maps can be downloaded to use offline with the Tripadvisor App.


tripadvisor - best travel apps


The app can help in finding hotels and booking accommodation, finding restaurants and reserving tables, locating places of interest and entry details. Facilities like convenience stores, drug outlets, hospitals close by to your location can also be searched.


tripadvisor - rating - best travel apps


Photos can be uploaded and experiences can be shared instantly. Tripadvisor with a whole host of functions is a highly reliable and recommended app.

Google PlayApp Store



2) Tripadvisor Offline City Guides


This app helps to know better about the place and its activities with its traveller reviews, maps and photos. It helps in getting the best of airfares, hotels and restaurants with ease.


trip-advisor-city-guide - best travel apps


This app can be used offline using GPS wherever necessary thus conserving battery power. The information and interactive maps enable one to choose the different attractions or eateries suited to a particular budget.


Self-guided city tours provide cultural information and eliminate the need for a guided tour.

Google PlayApp Store



3) Tripit


Tripit organizes travel plans in an easy to access and simple way. When all the email confirmations for reservations are forwarded to the app, it automatically details an overview of the trip giving the confirmations, tickets, hotel booking, car rental reservations and driving directions.


Triplt - best travel apps


All travel documents and itineraries are put together in one place before one arrives at the destination. The trip plans can be shared with anyone who needs to know the travel plans.


Triplt - rating - best travel apps


Detailed maps of destinations can be accessed even when offline.

Google PlayApp Store



4) Google trips


This app offers maps, guides, customized tours and show restaurants and places to see that are close to the hotel.


google trip - best travel apps


Google trips access all the travel information from the Gmail account and stores it offline. This can be accessed with or without Wi-Fi.


The travel apps destination based features serve as a guide book with all the various reservations. This frees the traveller from having to search through the mail for bookings done and carrying a guide book.

Google PlayApp Store



5) National Trust


The app on the phone details close to 600 must-see places in the UK.  The beauty of the countryside and the coastlines of England, Wales and Northern Ireland can be discovered through this app. Locations can be searched by postcode.


National Trust - best travel apps


The app acts as a guide to the historic monuments and buildings under the National Trust throughout the UK.


National Trust - rating - best travel apps


The app sends regular alerts about the events held by the trust all through the year.

Google PlayApp Store




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6) Travelzoo


This app excels in finding the best deals available locally from hotels and restaurants across the UK.


Travelzoo - best travel apps


These travel apps are experts in finding package deals to destinations, weekend getaways at rock bottom prices for group tours as well as and individuals.


Travelzoo - rating - best travel apps


This money-saving app caters to millions of users providing the best travel, entertainment, food and spa deals. The app sends frequent alerts on the best offers available in a particular area.

Google PlayApp Store





7) Wiffinity


Wiffinity is basically an app that enables one to access Wi-Fi while traveling. The app helps in staying connected to the internet through hundreds of hotspots around the world.


Wiffinity - best travel apps


Internet is essential to make travel easy and smooth. The app is a free Wi-Fi locator. The app can navigate the wi-fi hotspots offline using the Wi-Fi location map.


Wiffinity - rating - best travel apps


The app can be used offline to download maps without internet connectivity. It is easy to use and free of charge.

Google PlayApp Store



8) ViaMichelin GPS navigation and traffic


This app optimizes the route based on traffic conditions. It keeps track of the real traffic and assists you in reaching the destination at the right time.


ViaMichelin - best travel apps


Once your position is established on the interactive map, the app guides you to your destination. This user-friendly app comes in handy when wandering around unfamiliar lanes and streets.


ViaMichelin - rating - best travel apps


The GPS navigation system integrated with voice guidance and 3D Michelin mapping provides real-time information on normal traffic, slow-downs and hazardous zones.

Google PlayApp Store



9) Around Me


This app identifies your location using GPS and then helps you in getting to the nearest theatre, restaurant, supermarket, bank or gas station around you.


AroundMe - best travel apps


Any place you desire can be located on the map. The app provides the route to the desired place from where you are. This information can be mailed to anyone who requires the route.


AroundMe - rating - best travel apps


The app is easy to use. It is accurate and is of immense use to find out about the surroundings quickly.

Google PlayApp Store



10) Skyscanner Train Travel App


It is an easy app to use with no charges for bookings done through the app. The app permits you to save the card details, making the process of buying tickets hassle-free.




The app provides the fastest route and the cheapest times to travel.


Skyscanner - rating


It offers money-saving options on group bookings for more than three people. It has 24/7 free customer support.

Google PlayApp Store



11) Roadtrippers


Roadtrippers lets you plan your driving route and book hotels on the way.




This free app is very helpful in finding interesting places off-the-beaten-track which one could visit on the way.


Roadtrippers - rating


Places can be bookmarked, if required, for repeated visits. It locates restaurants and coffee shops on your route.

Google PlayApp Store



12) CityMapper London


This app combines all the transportation options into one map. With the various routes and associated data, it will advise you on how to make the journey, the duration of travel and how much it would cost.




It will provide you with the subway routes as well as the bus, Uber, cycle and walking routes.


Citymapper - rating


The app features real-time disruptions on the routes which enables one to avoid them thus saving on travel time.

Google PlayApp Store



13) CityMap2Go


This is a very popular app used by travellers around the world.




The app allows the search of places of interest by category.


Citymaps - rating


The app gives detailed area maps and they can be shared among friends who are traveling together. The app works offline.

Google PlayApp Store




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When it comes to travel, lot of things come to people’s mind like hotel booking, travel destination, hiring cabs and restaurants. Nowadays, most of them use mobile apps for their preferred services.



If you are planning for a vacation in UK with your family or friends, you can relay on these best travel apps. These apps are available on both Android & iOS.