Reasons Why Enterprise Needs a Mobile App

We often hear that having a smartphone app is key to growing business and getting an edge over the competition. But the question is, is it just a vivid notion created to lure business entrepreneurs into developing a customized mobile app?



Of course, the fact that the number of mobile apps on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store is burgeoning speaks of mobile app development companies strenuously helping enterprises meet their biggest fortune.


Technological advancements are playing an epic role, encouraging even a corner coffee shop or beauty salon to float in the app store out there!


But again, does every enterprise in UK need to build a dedicated mobile app in taut app stores? Surely, mobile apps do not just benefit brands like Walmart, Domino’s, Nike and Bank of America.


Many startup companies have successfully ventured into Android and iOS app development even when they might have simply settled for a plain mobile website.


If you are one of those wanting valid answer to the need for enterprise apps, we present you a few good reasons that make a tailored business app a superior choice over websites in UK.


enterprise app


Visibility, Availability and Accessibility


For those who seek concrete truth, Statista declared that the number of global smartphone users in 2017 is predicted to reach 2.32 billion in 2017.


Statista also shows that an average American spends over two hours a day on their mobile device. With such colossal spread of mobile devices and app usage, it is evident that users do engage and interact with what they like in store.


Even if not all apps find a spot on user’s device, users would notice your company’s app (image and design), often unconsciously, as they scroll to their favorite one. This gives you an advantage of being visible and available.


Marketing Opportunities
marketing opportunities


A mobile app development company can create app with appealing UI and delightful UX, serving gamut of functions such as general product info, company profile, pricing and quality propositions, features, forms, messenger, accounts and news.


With mobile app, it is feasible to keep all the customer-centric details about sales and promotions right there in the app. You can use push notifications to instigate direct interactions and remind customers of latest deals on products and services.


Sending message with a link to app also makes sense. Thus, you gain tons of marketing opportunities.


Significant Value Addition For Your Customers


Mobile app should be worth the moments invested by your customers. In fact, don’t you think giving your existing loyalty programs a digital shape via an app?


No longer should you prefer an archaic point collection system. Instead, allow your customers to use mobile app where they can collect and manage their progressive rewards.


Customers would hugely appreciate this and respond to your value-added service with more downloads, loyalty and recurrent app usage.


Starbucks – The world’s top renowned coffee brand has set up an outstanding epitome of impeccable mobile app development.


Starbucks redefined mobile marketing and adding value to customers’ life by enabling customers to enjoy convenience of ordering and paying for the drink using mobile app.


The effort has not only made their business more popular, but it also changed the way coffee is customized. Within the app, users get suggestions on the nearest store and eventually create and order their unique drink with just a few taps.


Brand Building and Awareness


As you switch from single-app approach to cross-platform app development,you will realize how your mobile app can sweep through massive amount of user across different OS.


More customers will prudently translate into increased level of brand awareness – which is your target at times of brand building phase.


Since your enterprise app acts as a bridge between business and customers, you can enhance its elements by making it more stunning, stylish, fun, informative and user-friendly with features customers will quickly embrace in UK.


On the other side of brand building, iOS and Android app development also gives you an opportunity to engage user in no time and rapidly develop an environment where effortless purchase of products and services is ensured.


Even if it is built to deliver important business information, customers will find it handy to know, see or hear about your brand through app and eventually buying from other available business channels.


Customer Engagement + Support
customer engagement

There is no doubt mobile app provides you the way to engage and interact virtually with customers. Customers also find it smooth to reach you and express their requirements and opinions through their entire journey and feedback.


Having a help and support feature (chat messenger) within your app thus helps establish honest communication flow. An enterprise mobile app development company can even make use of intelligent technology for chat which makes your app work both ways: Support as well as service booking.


Fostering Better Knowledge About Your Audience


Mobile app not only develops a better business model around digitalization for your enterprise, but it also adds value to the way you reach and cater to your customers.


By integrating powerful analytics with the help of a mobile app development company, you can trace user journey in your app and collect important information about customers that can be used to serve them even better.


This data means even deeper insight into the target audience, their habits, trends, main customer segments, requirements, sources and more. Use it to build more customer-friendly, innovative products/services.


Growing More Competitive


The biggest leap small businesses can take is having a mobile app development company build an app solely due to the fact that small business mobile apps are still scarce.


This means beating the competition while the market is still incipient for digital authorities in your niche. Local businesses can astonish customers by offering exclusive services on your mobile app.


Through real-time engagement and lively marketing, your business will be appreciated. Plus, you will also save tons by choosing app as a primary internet marketing and promotion channel.


With a futuristic solutions used flawlessly, your small business app can receive an acclaimed boost even on a global scale.


L’Oreal Makeup GeniusL’Oreal is a leading makeup and beauty brand that basks in its glory with an app called L’Oreal Makeup Genius.


What sets it apart from other rivals is its ability to deliver ad-free shopping experience and inspire users to think of a purchase as they try on the new products using nothing but their Smartphone. The Genius also enables users to share the experience on social networks – which is magnificent.


Multi-Channel Business Approach
enterprise app

Adopting a cross-platform app development approach opens many doors to create business opportunities across multiple channels.


To sustain the competition, it is important for businesses to build a digital presence where customers can interact with your brand in many different ways including chat, videos, feedback support and shopping activities.


The mobile app can integrate social media engendering an all new channel of communication for customers. Moreover, mobile app also enables order management, behavior analysis, service quality improvement, loyalty and more complex operations.


All you need is a powerful CRM which integrates all marketing & communication channels and customer details for making the business more streamlined and productive.


Unforgettable Perk: Monetization


You can’t ignore this fascinating perk that mobile app development offers: Monetization. As your business app grows popular, you begin to reap consistent revenue by applying many trending in-app purchases or premium features.


Certain innovative features and facilities such as third-party ad system within your app help drive a steady flow of money. All you need is a well-designed, simple and feature-rich app that has everything customers seek today.


Wrapping Up


There is no resistance in believing that certain futuristic technologies like IoT, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and AR have together made the dynamics of mobile app development even more glorious and profitable than ever.


The reality of IT’s smart solutions show that enterprise businesses gain enormous edge over competition and better ROI by investing in a mobile app launched even in an overcrowded market if it offers unique value to customers.


Mobile app could be a game changer if you have not tried it so far. Explore your options for building a mobile app of superior quality by consulting a versed enterprise mobile app development company.